Living La Vie In Montreal !

Not sure if you know this about Montreal, but its the mix of French and North American style gives it the most unique and interesting mix in all north america.

Not biased at all, though but the charm comes from the fact that it is mixed in culture, people and that brings in a variety of food and services.

When you want to go to a local grocery shop, you walk around a corner and you get it all, the good food, the local butcher and the french food !

Once you walk these streets in summer, you will then know why this city is special.

I posted the video above to give you insight on how its going to be when you get there.

Need I say more,

Go around the town with the bixie and enjoy the ride as it will feel parisian all the way!

If you are from out of town and want to rest a place, then the best place to be is the Plateau area. Plateau the area where its happening and where everyone who wants to be different is.

Now to be able to take full advantage of all the city can offer you would need to be set up in a good apartment in the area and with good services around you.

Once you find the place you want to be, i would highly recommend you get a good cleaning since this area has a high turn around and people from all over want to be in it.

Let me explain something about how the city works, people love to dress, love to eat and most of all love to party !

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Montreal the City of Clubs

So if you are into clubs and you like to have the best time of your life in Montreal, check out the different places you can go to below to enjoy the night life in it:

– Resto and clubbing in Old Montreal. This is the best and most hip night scene in Montreal. You will find all kinds of bars, clubs, terracesĀ  and restaurants so it got it all. The crowd is mixed age and generally very well dressed.

– The pubs and clubs on Crescent. Generally this street is targeted to tourists and has dance clubs. The crowd is younger than anywhere else in Montreal.

– Restaurants and lounge drinks on Du Parc: Amazing small restaurants that have bar as well to hang out and drink only if you want. The food is great and the atmosphere is hip ans stylish with good music.

– The bars in the Plateau: What I like about these bars is that they are small, there is generally sit downs and people are there to have a good time and have drinks. There isnt major clubbing scene in these places but chilled out, good music and nice crowd.

– Cosmo in Laval. This place is way outside the city yet it has hip restaurants and a few clubs and places for drinks.

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Enjoy your time in Montreal!


Experience An Amazing Ride in Montreal

So here it is, whether you are from outside or from Montreal itself, if you want to really have a good time in Montreal, then you need to experience the city in a Limousine.

The reason why I am saying that is because Montreal is a city that florishes with entertainment districts and with the added touch of the French flare, seeing it in a limo is the experience that is unforgettable.

Montreal has amazing lounges, cafes, shopping, bars, nightlife, restaurants and when you combine this experience with a highly luxurious limousine, then the night becomes unmatched with beauty.

Check them out at

Here’s my recommended route of the day:

1. Start of the day by getting picked up by the best limo service company in Montreal. The chauffeur will be waiting for you, opens the door with his white gloves and greets you

2. Afterwards, go pick up your friends along the way in order to start the journey of the day

3. Start of the journey by taking a wine tour in the Quebec winery route. The limo will stop you ate different winery locations where you will get to enjoy and sip an amazing white, red wine or why not try Quebec’s famous Apple cedar wine!

4. Next the driver will drop you off at our famous restaurants for lunch and wait for you in the car while you enjoy the amazing French cuisine!

5. After lunch, the limo will then continue its way to the famous Montreal casino for a few hours of fun, play and hopefully some wins. The casino is one of the major highlights of this city so be sure not to miss this one out.

6. A couple of hours relaxing in the casino is what you’ll need to continue the ride and hit Montreal’s evening spots. You will then cruise along the famous Saint Catherine street where you will enjoy people watching and maybe some shopping.

7. After the cruising and people watching, pick the restaurant you want to stop at for dinner. What best way to show up at a stylish restaurant then in a limo? I would recommend the resto lounges located in Old Montreal, they are the it spots in Montreal and turn into lounges and clubs after dinner finishes. As well, old Montreal is a major spot for clubs and bars.

8. Drink as much as you want during the night, party and lets your limo driver know when you are done. He can be there waiting for you outside the club to pick you and your friends up and drop you back to your destination.

With the above highlighted schedule, I truly recommend you visit everything i have listed and of coarse make sure to pick the best limo company as this is very important to make the day most enjoyable.

Riding a limo is actually not as expensive as people might think. Of coarse it could be slightly more than renting a car, but that is the best way to be with a group of your friends all together, mingling, enjoying the day in one place. As well, if you factor in the service, the gas and sharing the ride, it isn’t what one might think of in terms of costs.

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